Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pinto Beans

Beans are the easiest thing on the planet to can. If you are new to canning, I recommend starting with some pinto beans.

Ingredients (per quart size jar):
1 cup dry pinto beans
1/2 clove fresh garlic
1/8 of a small onion (chunk)
3/4 tsp. salt
Fill with water, leaving 1 inch head space at top.
Boil flat lids in water for three minutes.
Meanwhile, wipe down rims of jars with damp cloth.
Place flat lids on jars. Screw on bands.
Cook for 50 minutes at 15 pounds of pressure.
Store and enjoy!


drama mama said...

I LOVE doing pinto beans! And they turn out so delish! I have been doing mine for 90 minutes. I'm going to try 50 though. It sure would save time!

Karli said...

Hey Mindy... is this supposed to say 50 minutes? Didn't we do 90 minutes at the workshop for the pinto beans?

maryann said...

LOVE the site ladies! I'm glad to see canning is catching on everywhere!! We live a little higher elevation than you ladies and we were told 12 lbs for 90 minutes or 15 lbs for 75 minutes.

Paul, Annabell, and Kidlings said...

just tried the beans did 15 for 50 minutes. I have a presto and it said if doing beans not to stack the canner/pressure cooker more than half full so I could only do 7 pints. Do you double stack? How long do you do black beans I did them at the same above time and they didn't turn out as well.

Mindy said...

I have only ever done pinto beans. I have been wanting to try the different varieties, but have not experimented with that yet. I think that "technically" beans should be processed for 90 minutes. I got this recipe from a long-time canner. I do find that 50 minutes makes nice firm pinto beans. But, process at your own risk. I have been doing beans according to these directions for years and have never had a problem. If you are more comfortable with processing them for 90 minutes, go right on ahead :) Also, I can with the All American brand canner and have never seen any restrictions regarding stacking. I double stack quarts all the time.