Wednesday, July 23, 2008

millions of peaches!

Today is the last day that peaches are on sale at Sprouts for $0.39 per pound. These are great for making jam as well as for canning by themselves. Many people can peaches in sugar syrups. But, I opted to go the healthier way...and it is super yummy too!

fresh, ripe peaches
white grape juice or white peach grape juice concentrate

Boil peaches for 20-45 seconds. Immediately remove from boiling water and place peaches in ice water bath. This process allows the peach skins to peel off easily. Peel peaches and cut in halves/slices...whatever you prefer. Add peaches to jars, packed. Fill with juice that has been reconsituted using 2/3 the amount of water called for on the can. Fill jars, leaving appropriate headspace. Process in water bath for 20-30 minutes. Store and enjoy!


Heather said...

Thanks for posting this, I am canning 30 pounds of peaches today! I can't wait to try the grape juice instead of the sugar syrup.

drama mama said...

I'm sad I missed out on the good deal on peaches! When I saw this yesterday, I was busy canning your Sicilian Chicken soup! I'm hoping I find a good deal at Superstition Ranch though.

jana said...

Hey Mindy,
Don't know if you remember me or not. I met you at Corree's bead party. My brother is Gabe Power?? Anyway, I would love to learn more about this whole canning and storage stuff from you! Next time you have a demo or something I would love to come! Thanks a million! Love your blog BTW!! Thanks again!

Mindy said...

Heather, that is awesome! I hope you like the peaches in white grape juice. I like it because it is healthier...and still super tasty! drama mama, let me know what you think of the Sicilian Chicken Soup. Jana, I totally remember you. I don't have anything scheduled in the near future, but I am always up for sharing the info I have. So, let me know what questions you have and I will be happy to answer them!

jana said...

Thanks Mindy! Hey would you ever do a basic how to class for RS or a group of us? Thanks again! I'm lovin the sound of that soup could you email it to me?

Erin said...

I just got 25 pounds of peaches from our produce co-op in our ward. I have never tried this so I didnt know what a water bath was, if you are new like me here is some good details on water bath canning
Thanks for the blog girls! This is great.

Erin said...
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Mindy said...

I think I am going to be teaching a canning class for my ward in September on a Sat morning...I think the second Sat? That might be a good one to come to and you can bring your friends too! So, let me know if that is something you are interested in and I will send the info out. Oh, and the recipe for Sicilian Chicken soup is posted on this blog. It is just adapted for canning. But, I always made it for dinner long before I adapted the way I make it to can it. Yummy!