Monday, June 16, 2008

All Things Food Storage

This is an email I got from my cousin Tawni... which comes from her cousin Sonya. These are AMAZING prices for grains, buckets with gamma lids, etc. It sounds like the order is getting placed on Wednesday and money needs to be received before your order is placed. Her email is at the bottom if you have questions.

I've done a lot of research and narrowed it down to the following web
sites. I'll try to briefly explain each one and you can decide what you
are interested in. Please feel free to contact me with any

Wheat Montana~ These grains have a lot to offer for nutrition. If you
order the berries, they will sprout! You can order any grain that they
sale. All I ask is that for ordering sake, you order the largest bags they
have. If you want to split it with someone, please work that out for
yourself. You will pay about $5-$6 less than is on the website (that is
even after considering tax and shipping). We will be order over 5,000

Be Prepared (Emergency Essentials)~ We will be ordering
buckets with Gamma Lids. If you are not familiar with Gamma Lids, they are
the ones that seal the bucket while screwing the lid on and off (not having to
pry it off!). These are much easier to get in and out of. Perfect
for storing large amounts of flour, sugar, etc. You would pay,
say for a 5 gallon bucket with Gamma Lid, $15.75 not including tax. I am
getting them for $10.

Western Plastics~ We are ordering the the
food grade clear containers. Focusing on the 1 gallon, 1/2 gallon and
quart size. These are excellent for storing flour, sugar, snacks, rice,
oats, etc. on your pantry shelves. You can see what is in them and
they will seal, so they will stay fresh much longer. We will be ordering
with the metal, rubberized ring lids (seals it), unless you indicate that you
want the plastic lids (good for storing crayons, etc.) Say, for instance,
you are going to order the 1/2 gallon container w/ the metal lid. You
would pay around $8 for it. We will be getting them for around $4!!!
The plastic lids are a bit cheaper.

These are very exciting
prices!! I want all of you to enjoy the savings. We will be placing
the order on JUNE 18th. If you want to order, I will need your order and
your money BEFORE hand. If I have your order and not your money, I will
not place your order. (I don't want to get stuck footing the bill!!)
We are placing huge orders (over a hundred people interested so far!!) So,
you can understand why I have to be strict!!



jana said...

Hello! How can I get some of these canisters for flour, sugar, etc.?


Welcome back Carter's said...

Honeyville Grains in Chandler sells gamma lids for $7.86 regualr price & since they've been opened they have put them on sell for $5.89 twice!!